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The power of Music

Posted in Just Day to Day Schtuff with tags , , , on June 21, 2011 by KAHNSoft

Ok, so I’m going to preface this with the disclaimer that this is nothing new.  It’s not new to most people and it’s certainly not a new rant to those who know me at all.

There’s a genius out in California.  I first became aware of this particular genius back in the very early eighties.  That’s when I got my first clock radio and for the first time in my life had some of my own control of what types of music I listened to.

My life has been surrounded by music.  From a very early age, my mom played it in our home.  Pop, Country, Show Tunes and even comedy were often to be heard when I got home from school.  When I got my clock radio, I quickly found Dr. Demento.  The good doctor was a radio show host from California (not the a fore mentioned genius; though it’s not an inaccurate description).  The Dr. Demento show showcased comedy artists from all over and from a myriad of times and I was hooked.  My folks had introduced me to the likes of Bill Cosby, The Smothers Brothers and Hudson and Landry at an early age.  Dr. Demento introduced me to a number of artists but one that stood out was Al.

At 51, Al has been playing music for most of his life.  I’ve been listening to him do so for almost three decades.  Al is famous for his parodies of popular culture and he is one of the  most talented artists I’ve never met with a career that has out lasted many of the artists that he’s lampooned.

Al has been with me for longer than most of my friends.  You might say that with the exception of my family, he’s been a part of my life longer than any other one person.  When I was in school and not in the popular crowd, I put in “Dare to be Stupid” and took pride in being unique.  When I wanted to showcase that uniqueness in drama class, I performed to “Nature Trail to Hell”.  Much later I would sing my children to sleep to “The Saga Begins”.

When I am depressed, I put on Al.  When I am having a fantastic day, I put on Al.

I listen to a wide variety of music depending on my mood and what’s going on in my life but few of the artists that I’ve been exposed to is so universally applicable.  In times when I’ve been low, Al has been there for me in ways that he is obviously not aware of.

Things in my life are going pretty good now.  I’ve got a great family who loves me and I’ve got a great job that I enjoy; and on this day of days, June 21st 2011, the Alpocalypse has arrived.   Weird Al Yankovics 14th (or so) original studio album has hit the shelves.  The man really is a genius and I thank him again from the bottom of my heart for being there and for sharing the talents he has with me.  He will likely never know what it means to me that he is there, but I’m grateful.