So, first a little explanation. Cannonisms are little things that get said around our family that we assume don’t get said around a normal bunch. For example, “I think the heads are in the back window of the car, would you go get them.” We are big fans of Halloween and the macabre and as such, we occasionally discuss things that from the outside might sound a little… off.

Anyway, we were out to dinner the other night and a discussion ensued regarding making pigs fly. My youngest has an interest in going into bio-mechanics and medicine. The discussion started between my daughters in regards to how best to make pigs fly. I’m not entirely sure how it started but by the time I joined in, the subject of genetic engineering came up and the best choices for gene splicing. There was a concurrent discussion going on regarding Frankenstein’s monster and the potential for building a creature from “parts”. It struck me that while there was really no one statement to point to that we could designate a “Cannonism”, the closest one was one I coined and my youngest kept repeating:

“The moral implications involved in creating Frankenstein’s monster vs making pigs fly…”

It’s just one of those things. I love my weird little family.


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