My daughter just went to work. My wife and youngest left earlier. I’m alone. I’m not sure why this is bothering me. Historically, I’ve enjoyed my solitude, but it seems more and more each day, it’s beginning to wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy. I’m sitting here, in my space, behind my monitors. This is where I’m me. This is where I recharge from dealing with people. I read. I watch television. I learn. I’m learning now. I should not be ….

How to describe what I’m experiencing right now. I’m off. Something is bothering me and I’m not sure why or even exactly what it is. Why does it bother me that they are not here?

At the end of the shift, they will come home and I will rush upstairs to be in their presence.

We will not do anything significant. We’ll likely sit in front of the TV, in front of a fire, watching reruns of shows I don’t care about. She will be there. They will be close. I can hear them. I could touch….

That sounds creepy.

I need to work.

I need to learn.

I have a task in front of me that I do not completely understand and it requires research; but, there is this itch. This bug in the script that keeps going out trying to make a connection that isn’t there. Timeout error, could not connect. It’s eating up cycles that should be dedicated to processing and incorporating new information. The screens are all there. My friends. Why is my brain not cooperating? I need to understand this data.

I gotta pee…. maybe when I’m done it will be better.


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