So I was reading through the sparce posts on my blog and I realized that while I have a few posts on here talking about my oldest, I haven’t talked much about my youngest.  2of2 is an amazing creature.  She was the product of a very happy series of circumstances that allowed us to try invitro fertilization.  My employer at the time offered an insurance option that was a big help and we likely would not have been able to try had that not been the case.  The pregnancy was a tough one for my Bride, but the results were amazing.  We were blessed with a beautiful healthy daughter who would grow to be an amazing, brilliant young woman.

While my oldest has always been interested in performing and stage work, my youngest has had more technical interests.  She’s been involved in two different competitive robotics teams and has built her own robot at home.  She’s done programming (which certainly thrilled her old man) and is very into various engineering concepts.

She struggled with public school initially and had a speech impediment early on.  As such, my Bride home schooled her until she was ready for middle school at which point they went looking for a public school that would allow 2of2 to explore some of the social aspects of school and expose her to other options for learning.

We were again very fortunate to find a school that had a technology focus that got my daughter even more excited about the prospect of school. So much so, that when we (her parents) suggested we pull her out early one day to go for ice cream, she politely declined saying she’d rather go to class. She’s made many good friends there and has just finished her third season with the schools First Tech Challenge (robotics) team.

Now that we’re all at home, her transition to remote learning was a simple one not only because the school did a phenominal job of providing the resources needed to do it, but also because 2of2 was already well versed in learning from home.

My baby is 16 now.

She shows little interest in driving and is quite content to hang with her friends at school or online. She’s not as interested in programming so much as she once was but she’s very into building and engineering. She wants to help people and talks about a career in bio-engineering or something related. It’s amazing to watch her get into things, and best of all, she still likes me. So frequently during the current lock down (the 2020 pandemic), she will be in her room most of the day and I’ll be in my office working but if we haven’t seen each other for too long, she will come find me just so she can give Daddy a hug.

I thought my kids would come to resent me after a while and that their teenage years would be rough, but as it turns out, both have been willing to talk to me about a variety of topics. I’m amazed and thrilled that they still like me, and I’m awed at what amazing creatures they both are.


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