So after years of saying just how much I didn’t need an iPad, I inherited one from the girls.  They have both earned two tablets each from Girl Scouts by selling over 2500 cookies a piece.  So I got an iPad 4th Gen and I started playing with it.  Initially, I couldn’t think of anything that I could do with the iPad that I couldn’t do with my other machines.  I’ve got a Kindle Fire HDX and an RCA Cambio(running Win10).  Between the two, I can do a lot of stuff both professionally and personally.  What I discovered with the iPad, was that I could do most if not all of the same things, only with a bigger screen that was very sharp.  The Amazon software doesn’t integrate quite as nice as it does on my Fire Phone or my HDX, but it works very well.  The Microsoft Office software works very nearly the same as it does on the Windows machine.  Admittedly, I don’t have Visual Studio on the iPad but I do have software that can work with it and provide a second screen for some of the functionality (including logging and some of the output).  The iPad can also provide a second monitor for the Win10 machine using Duet which is a groovy little app created by some former Apple engineers.

All in all, I’m pretty stoked about the thing.  I’m becoming a convert.  It’s still a tablet with a lot of the limitations that come with a tablet, but …  It’s a pretty amazing tablet.


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