A bit of a relief

So, those of you who know me irl, know that my youngest has a hard time making herself understood sometimes.  She tends to be soft spoken and has trouble with some word sounds.  We finally got her in to see a specialist who did some hearing tests and some speech testing.
The results were quite a relief.

The gal told us that within 5 minutes of talking to M. she realized that she didn’t need to run through the vocabulary tests.  Her comment was that M. had a vocabulary that would rival many adults she knew. 

Her hearing was well within the norms.

The problem it seems is one that would normally work itself out on its own.  The fact that it hasn’t probably has more to do with bad habits picked up from other kids. 

The problem might have been picked up earlier in public school, but, she would have had to deal with a great deal of ridicule in the process.  As it stands, if she decides later to do public school, she should be more than ready for it.

She will be doing some exercises with M. on a weekly basis but the doc does not anticipate it taking long to get her back on track.


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