What I’m reading….

Hey, so I don’t usually do reviews (except when I do) but I’m reading this great Star Trek series on theBorg.  For those of you who are unfamiliar (and I can’t imagine you are reading this if you are), but the Borg are one of the most frightening characters in the Star Trek Universe (or rather they are supposed to be).  Cybernetic in nature, and mindless in their constant never ending drive to seek perfection through the accumulation  and assimilation of other cultures.

Anyway, I got on a Borg kick a little while back and so I went looking for all the episodes of the television shows that included them and I found the WIKI that talked about them.  There doesn’t appear to be a “Canon” explanation for where they came from but the WIKI talked about a three book collection called Destiny that not only explained the origin of the Borg but their demise.  I was so there…

After two books, I was getting bored.  They had done a huge amount of back story and you could start to see the direction they were heading but wow! they were taking their own sweet time getting there.

Third book… wow!  I almost wish I could have just read it first.  The whole story wraps up beautifully and the Borg are ended in a very satisfying way.  It was a great story.  I think I’ve got my fix for a bit.  Without giving too much away, in the end the Borg are explained from start to finish and the Universe is a better place.


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