The Web

Darkness, disturbed by a glowing web of light.  Connections glowing brighter like bright little spheres.

The web of my mind links everything like some social internet.  Emotions to events to people.

I see the web and I reach out.  I touch a link and it’s sticky, adhering to my finger as I pull back until eventually it snaps back into place.  I repeat the procedure, but instead, this time,  I grab the point where the lines converge and squeeze until, eventually, the glow escaping my closed fist fades and disappears.  Dies.  I feel a part of my memory darken.  Peace.  A voice silenced.  A scream fades.

Bright points of light extinguished, connections undone.

More connections, more glowing dots, more voices, silently screaming in my head.  Tear it all down.

A mental exercise to be sure, but seemingly effective.

As the space dims and the pain subsides, peace reins.

Darkness.  Cool.  Clean.  Quiet.



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