Sometimes your the tiger

Do you remember Sigfried and Roy? Somebody out there surely does. They were this big animal/magic act several years ago. You heard about them all the time. One of their signature performance elements were these big beautiful white tigers. Amazing animals really, but you gotta remember that these are not creatures that are domestic by nature. They are hunters. They are killers. They eat meat off their own claws and take satisfaction in the job well done. These tigers in particular though had been living with lunch for a long time. Their meals were brought to them on time and they were. very likely, well taken care of. Yeah, I suspect they had to play along a lot of the time, but they had it pretty good.

I think though, that sometimes, those tigers felt a bit like I do right now. Yeah, your meals are catered and brought to you on time. You are warm and safe and life is pretty good.

The problem is that once in a while, you get sick and fucking tired of pushing the little ball around with your nose for hours on end and it comes down to two important choices… do you roll your head under the bus and leave it all behind, or find out what laughing boy’s entrails look like on the tip of your claws.

I do feel bad for Roy. That would be terrible to have someone you love turn on you like that, but I do applaud the tiger. I’ll bet it felt good. Probably tasted good too. A little sweet, a little salty but very satisfying.


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