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Posted in Just Day to Day Schtuff on November 25, 2010 by KAHNSoft

Tis’ Thanksgiving again and as always, I am consumed by a delicate thought…did Mom make enough potatoes?

On the upside, my book is good, my headache is ebbing and my batteries seem to be full. At this rate, I could even survive nature for several hours.

Have a good one y’all. Be safe and don’t make yourselves sick.


Ok…so now what

Posted in Just Day to Day Schtuff on November 24, 2010 by KAHNSoft

My head is full.  Not an uncommon thing.  I’m frequently bombarded with ideas that often make my head spin.  Most of my ideas suck.  Some of them are illegal, immoral or just poorly thought out.  Some might be considered anti-social by some.  I had some doozies a while back when I thought I knew who….

well, that’s a long story.  Take it as read that the old noggin is full of schtuff that I frequently don’t know what to do with.

Sometimes I have good ideas.  Ideas that would improve my life or the lives of others.  Sometimes they involve code.  That’s what I do.  I don’t know what I’ve put in my profile or what people know abut me but I code.  That is to say that I program computers.  I’ve been doing it for a long time… roughly two thirds of my life.  Much of that time was spent doing it in some professional capacity.  So I frequently have ideas that involve code.

Many of the people I associate with on a day to day basis have suggested that I should do something productive with these ideas.  “You should go into business.” or some such …  The problem with going into business is the same problem I have working for other people.  I don’t want to manage the projects, I just want to solve problems … with code.

That said, I think I may actually use this space to publish some of these ideas.  It seems to work well for some…poorly for others but the beautiful thing about this is that if you don’t appreciate it… you don’t have to read it.  I’m not broadcasting it.  I’m not bringing it to your home…*you* are.  Great huh?  I get to infect your brain with my mindless ramblings and I can safely blame you.

So, enjoy.. or don’t.  I’m going to play with this space a bit so it may look different from time to time but I hope to have something interesting here to read.